The Client

A global leader in automotive technology, lifestyle innovations, digital transformation, and design and analytics, HARMAN is a brand that does more than just make the world sound better. Developing solutions to enable seamless, connected lifestyles for the home, car, stage and enterprise through its leading audio products, infotainment systems, software and connected services, it strives to build a connected tomorrow today. Chances are, you’ve already experienced the innovations at HARMAN, and in ways more than one!

Scope Of Project

  • Employer Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Corporate Branding
  • Recruitment Marketing

The Task at Hand

  • To establish HARMAN as a pioneering tech and digital transformations brand
  • To facilitate HARMAN in their hiring, with a strong focus on HARMAN’s ‘Digital Transformations Solutions’ (DTS) and ‘Automotive’ division

The Hitch

HARMAN is a brand that does more than most know. And changing that was the biggest challenge; to showcase the world, especially the talent pool, the many verticals of HARMAN that made it an innovation hub for all things concerning connected lifestyles. Essentially, we had to:

  • Revamp the external communication in-line with HARMAN’s new EVP
  • Strategise to reposition HARMAN as a tech brand as against just an audio brand
  • Help build brand affinity and incentivise talent towards the HARMAN’s other divisions (DTS & Automotive)

The Impact

12 months into the project we have

  • ~54% increased the social media followers
  • Hits on the career site (%)
  • % increase in career site sessions
  • Results: Today, Ideas2IT is quickly receiving recognition for their quality work

What We Did

Creating brand impact for Ideas2IT, needed us to work in parallel on EACH vertical. Here is what the focused 360 strategy included


  • Carrying out a series of FGDs and one-on-ones with senior leaders at HARMAN to better understand the brand and their talent requirements
  • Synthesising the FGD and researching the talent pool’s perception of HARMAN
  • Creating a well thought out communication strategy in line with the new EVP
  • Scripting and shooting corporate shoots to establish the HARMAN’s new EVP pillars


Curated platform-specific content buckets

  • Leveraged Linkedin to share hiring, company tech updates, leadership speaks, employee benefits and company differentiators
  • Instagrammed about the culture and engaged with talent through trivias, quizzes, and contests
  • Made Facebook our go-to platform to build awareness, engagement, and hiring communication


  • Running targetted hiring campaigns on LinkedIn to facilitate hiring for HARMAN’s DTS and Automotive division

Social Media

  • Devising channel strategies to communicate HARMAN’s new EVP and hiring updates effectively
  • Managing and creating content for several of HARMAN’s LinkedIn pages

Our Happy Clients

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