The Client

A global digital solutions provider and product engineering company, UST has, for over 20 years, worked side by side with the world’s best companies to make a real impact through transformation. Oh, and they love to brand themselves as an organisation that is powered by technology, inspired by people, and built for impact.

Scope Of Project

  • Employer Branding
  • Recruitment Marketing

The Task at Hand(The Brief)

  • To establish UST as the ideal workplace for the desired talent pool.
  • To brand the organisation as the “Architects of Impact”.
  • To hire top talent. On a LARGE scale, that is.

Hurdles to tackle/The Hitch

  • To carve out a unique brand identity in a highly crowded digital solutions/ IT consultancy space.
  • To create, highlight and publicise the USP of UST to the talent pool.
  • To establish the impact UST makes and marry that to the hiring communication.

The Impact

12 months into the project we have

  • ~54% increased the social media followers
  • Hits on the career site (%)
  • % increase in career site sessions
  • Results: Today, Ideas2IT is quickly receiving recognition for their quality work

What We Did

Less is more, they say, but we believe otherwise (in regards to research, that is)! After extensive research on the brand and the desired talent pool, we culled out compelling insights to brand the organisation as the IDEAL workplace for their talent pool.


  • We listened, assimilated, and articulated the UST promise. But more so, we did it in a way that was appreciated by the talent pool.
  • Cracking the brand promise was one thing, and creating a creative route for the same was a whole new game. Thanks to the insights from our research, we aced it!


  • With our creative communication route in place, we articulated talent stories in line with it to attract top talent.
  • Marrying the UST promise and talent-centric communication, we devised, executed, and ran hiring campaigns for the brand.

Our Happy Clients

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