We are not just an Employer Branding Agency

Truth be told, we are actually just a bunch of employees who know what employees like us want from their employer. In a competitive talent landscape, problems like employee retention, employee engagement and employee acquisition are real, and we love solving them. We do so with precise strategies and out-of-the-box ideas and building a brand that’s worth remembering.


So, please don’t think of us as just a creative design agency or a recruitment marketing agency. Think of us as those employees who know what employees want from their employer.


Architecting the first-ever gender diversity platform for the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer

Transforming the identity of one of India’s largest gaming companies

Establishing India centric positioning for the largest technology investors in the world.

We create, curate, communicate and refine employer branding strategies to make your brand more attractive to potential and current employees and reduce costs associated with it.

What is employer branding


We will help you dig out the reasons that set your company apart and find new ways to tell your story.

How employer branding


We deep dive into your world to provide customised solutions for employee attrition, employee satisfaction and employee engagement that reflect your employer brand across all channels.

Why employer branding


Let’s face it, companies are too busy running their businesses. This is where we come in as a brand consultant. We’ll help you share the real story of your company told your way, by your tribe.

Our Clients Are Our Best Advocates

Hear what they have to say about us

Global nomads with a common purpose


Flex your thinking. Find your purpose. Help build robust employer brands.


Find your identity. Create your own story. Drive your employer brand.