The Client

Using a combination of digital strategy, digital engineering, business implementation, and IT platform modernization services, Virtusa helps clients execute end-to-end digital business transformation initiatives.

Scope Of Project

  • Employer Branding

The Task at Hand

  • To make Virtusa an employer desired by young tech-talent.
  • How do we make it happen? The best way we know how.

The Hitch

By identifying the main pain-points.

  • Saturated talent pool
  • Competitive employer market
  • Building a unique identity in a crowded tech space
  • A long hiring process

The Impact

12 months into the project we have

  • ~54% increased the social media followers
  • Hits on the career site (%)
  • % increase in career site sessions
  • Results: Today, Ideas2IT is quickly receiving recognition for their quality work

What We Did


  • Customised a strategy to build curiosity among the TG about Virtusa’s avant-garde services and significant impact
  • Created a social media strategy to magnify the reach of Virtusa’s EVP – Ignite the spark in you
  • Conducted hiring drives and campus engagement initiatives
  • Built content to strengthen credibility and showcase Virtusa’s culture through employee advocacy

Employer Awareness Posts

Our Happy Clients

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