The Client

ideas2IT is a product engineering company based in the US, Cayman Islands, and Chennai. The company serves leading clients like Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Netsmart, Medtronic Labs, Oportun, and top-notch startups. They remain focused on innovation-led projects that need co-creation of products.

Scope Of Project

  • Employer Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Corporate Branding
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Event Management

The Task at Hand

To brand Ideas2IT as a leading technology company for tech talent in south India. Full stop.

The Hitch

Sounds simple? Well, it was not. Here is why

  • The limited geography for a wareness
  • The specific talent sought
  • Competitive landscape, and Covid!

The Impact

12 months into the project we have

  • ~54% increased the social media followers
  • Hits on the career site (%)
  • % increase in career site sessions
  • Results: Today, Ideas2IT is quickly receiving recognition for their quality work

What We Did

Creating brand impact for Ideas2IT, needed us to work in parallel on EACH vertical. Here is what the focused 360 strategy included


Deep dived into Ideas2IT by speaking to Everyone – from the freshers,managers, founders, directors, TA team, marketing, tech, the robot in the reception – everyone…

Derived the authentic differentiator for Ideas2IT – the Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Defined a brand identity for Ideas2IT

Created a branding campaign to launch the EVP across Linkedin, FB, Insta, Internal channels

Social Media

Curated platform-specific content buckets

  • Leveraged Linkedin to share hiring, company tech updates, leadership speaks, employee benefits and company differentiators
  • Instagrammed about the culture and engaged with talent through trivias, quizzes, and contests
  • Made Facebook our go-to platform to build awareness, engagement, and hiring communication


Equipping recruiters to hire is where things started getting steamy. We made

  • Made fun engaging social media posts and internal mailers (mailers? Emails? inmails?)
  • Put together brag-worthy joining kits
  • Collated informative recruitment brochures
  • Ran Kollywood-themed referral schemes
  • Performance marketing through
  • Ads for open roles and hiring processes on Google, YouTube, and social media ads.
  • Hiring campaigns on job boards, social media, tech communities, talent specific channels, and influencer channels
  • Created hiring videos, corporate videos, and tech-focused hiring posts


Organised large scale events for rewards and recognition, coding challenges,and engagement activities with employees

Our Happy Clients

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