The Client

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. As pioneers of startups turned unicorns in India, they serve customers across the country and partner with sellers big and small.

Scope Of Project

  • Employer Branding

The Task at Hand

To find exciting ways to communicate their new EVP and align their careersite to it. Who’s ready to brainstorm never-done-before ideas?

The Hitch

We definitely were! Strapping on our thinking caps, we began to strategise a campaign. As usual, we had certain hurdles to tackle.

  1. Churning out internal and external communication with quick-ticking timers.
  2. COVID restrictions

The Impact

Result: The careersite, external and internal communication now reflect the new EVP – Together, we dared to Maximise.

What We Did


  • Scripted and shot an EVP teaser and video to create curiosity and present the fresh face of Flipkart
  • Strategised a multi-route campaign with engagement activities like quizzes and fill in the blanks to deeply embed the new EVP internally and on LinkedIn.
  • Floated around short and crisp internal mailers that detailed each pillar of the EVP and pillar-based contests.
  • Revised careersite content to make it more EVP-centric, cohesive and fun
  • Collated an EVP brand guideline handbook
  • Interviewed and weaved stories of Flipsters to bring out nuances of the EVP pillars and its contribution to building a great career at Flipkart.

Our Happy Clients

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