Feb 20

Women entrepreneurship day: Gender Diversity and how things are changing for women now

As our country, India, celebrates its 75th year of independence, we can see how the country has changed over time. Gone are the days when jobs were divided by gender; today, women have proven to be equally efficient in every job profile available, particularly when it comes to running their own businesses.

On the occasion of women entrepreneurship day, few women entrepreneurs shared their views about Gender Diversity and ‘how women were considered lesser in businesses but things are changing now.

“India has a complex corporate market and societal ecosystem in terms of gender. In the last decade, we have seen a corporate ecosystem of mixed enterprises, i.e., MNCs, large Indian conglomerates, startups, entrepreneurs, etc. In spite of all this, there is female talent that is fighting hard to navigate aspirations, cultural legacies, social and emotional pressures. There weren’t many platforms and opportunities that could help them be ready for an entrepreneurial career professionally and mentally, and hence the struggle always existed.

However, slowly but surely, things are changing for women aspiring to be founders. One is because women have also equipped themselves in all aspects to deal with the pressure that is inevitable as a part of running a company. Secondly, the ecosystem has also evolved and we have realised that we need all genders and diversity to have a healthy and successful ecosystem. Now there are funds specifically for women entrepreneurs that exist and there are many platforms and avenues that help them to gain mentorship and be inspired from various success stories. While still a long journey, it’s getting better for women entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed.” said Richa Telang- Founder and CEO of TrueBlue Advisory- Employer Branding consulting firm.

“Women are seldom taken seriously when they wish to start a business or join the workforce. After all the hurdles- financial, familial and mental, even if some women manage to start their business, they are met with opposition. They are expected to excel both at the work and home front, a condition that is not imposed on men in business. From not being taken seriously by investors and fellow male entrepreneurs to having to work extra hard to get their foot in the door, women overcome countless hurdles before making their mark in the business world. As more and more women are joining the workplace and getting a seat at the table, things are changing slowly and surely. Through representation, perseverance, innovation and collaboration, women entrepreneurs are changing the way the world and society treat women in business.” said Anika Parashar, Founder and CEO at The Woman’s Company.

It is a story from a time when Indian women were limited to a few professions and certain stereotypes were associated with jobs and businesses that were thought to be exclusive to men. It’s 2022, and women are slowly beginning to dominate all professions, whether pilot, cricketer, real estate agent, stock market trader, or chemical engineer, and there has been a significant increase in women entrepreneurs in the last decade.

“Dearth of female leadership position, Gender stereotypes, lack of flexible work practices, Affordable and accessible of childcare solutions at workplace, Societal expectations are some of the rampant issues which women face even today at workplace specially in Tier 2, 3 cities. But, future looks promising with society and the corporate culture warming up to Gender diversity & Inclusive work culture. Companies are now attracting and retaining talented women for their skill-set. Women help build an inspiring work culture by bringing in healthy competition, fostering teamwork, bonding and thereby helping the company grow to its full potential” said Amita Agrawal, Director and Head of Perfumery Divison, Mysore Deep Perfumery House (MDPH).

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