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Redefining talent experiences is a need of the hour: Richa Telang- Founder and CEO of TrueBlue Advisory

TrueBlue Advisory is a name synonymous with great brand stories.TBA plays the role of advisor, consultant, and trusted ally who will get your brand’s story heard and seen.TrueBlue Advisory specialists in the art of employer branding. Startup Reporter recently conducted an interview with Ms. Richa Telang who is a Founder and CEO of TrueBlue Advisory –A consulting firm that redefines the talent experiences.


1. How has been your entrepreneurial journey?

Like every entrepreneurial story, we have encountered our fair share of ups and downs. But the only way to continue cherishing this rollercoaster of a ride is to celebrate all wins together, no matter how big or small, and hold our ground every time we hit a low.

With no single path to success, I chose to create one for myself and my team with three pillars defining our every stride:

a) The mindset to embrace failure and learn from it.

b) Honesty and ownership; the entrepreneurial journey is always the harder one – the only way to continue growing is to accept that and take accountability for whatever comes next.

c) Complacency is the death of entrepreneurship; replication is easy and quite possibly the norm, but the only way to stand out from the crowd is to think, act, and deliver the extraordinary


2. How did you come up with the idea of starting your own business? 

With a long and successful career in HR, I was happy to lead the charter for employer branding in my stints with Intel and Flipkart. We uncovered the answers to ‘why’ employer branding was necessary, but my entrepreneurial journey began with the quest to define ‘how’ employer branding can determine a company’s success.

Employer branding is an exciting and impactful intersection of HR and marketing. That said, it still needs to be more widely practiced. Hence, TrueBlue Advisory was formed. And I’m happy to state that we’ve inspired trust and confidence in the market in the 5 years of our existence. Today, we proudly partner with large MNCs internationally, Unicorn startups, leading Venture Capitalists, and several Indian conglomerates.

While entrepreneurship was never something I had planned for, I am grateful to have started this journey.


3. What services does TBA offers, and how is it different from other employee branding companies? Please elaborate on the services that you offer.

We are a niche advisory firm that works on determining, crafting, and advocating the company’s Talent Brand. A talent brand, essentially, is the experience provided to an organisation’s present and future talent. We build integrated employer and talent brand strategies to create an impactful talent narrative for our clients.

Enabled by our expertise in HR, storytelling, and branding, we equip companies with a perfect blend of talent solutions, design, and technology.

The 4 major categories from our cluster of services include:

  • Advisory/Consulting
  • Creative and Design Thinking
  • Channel Building and Measurement
  • Media Campaigns, Events, and PR

We have offices in Bengaluru, Gurugram, and Dubai and planning to expand to other countries soon.


4. What is employer branding and why has it become so important in recent years?

Employer Branding, in essence, is how a company markets itself to its desired talent. In today’s corporate world, employer branding is emerging as the most effective tool for talent management across the entire employment cycle. It helps define the organisation’s image externally but also to retain and satisfy stakeholder groups, especially employees who are integral to the business’s goals.


5. How would you suggest new women entrepreneurs get started?

Despite the societal, familial, and financial hurdles, women have repeatedly proven their mettle to question the status quo and emerge victorious in their endeavors. And it shows! Slowly but surely, the corporate world too is evolving to better support aspiring women entrepreneurs. With relentless perseverance, continued representation, and the will to fight for their ambitions, more and more women will take a seat at the table for business owners.

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