The Client

CRED is a Bangalore-based fintech company with an app that primarily works on reward-based credit card payments.

Scope Of Project

  • Employer Branding

The Task at Hand

To refine the careersite. Easy-peasy!

The Hitch

Well, it was easy-peasy until it was time to rewire the WHOLE site.

We sat with our hands inside our brains to solve three main challenges.

  1. Impressive but limited information about CRED’s culture
  2. Targeting a niche talent pool of ‘artists’ as CRED calls their employees, whose credit score was to be 750+
  3. To induce a feeling of bandwagoning without seeming arrogant, basically in-line with CRED’s persona

The Impact

What We Did


  • Held a full-fledged competitors’ website research and analysis to peg CRED’s careersite as a content-light design-heavy
  • Introduced a new identity for CRED as an employer – “Reward the Good”
  • Rewired the careersite to simplify navigation and interaction
  • Brought together the new-found theme with CRED’s culture to rewrite careersite content
  • Made EVERYTHING super succinct!

Our Happy Clients

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