Myntra is India’s leading fashion e-commerce company. With over 2800 employees (called Myntraites) all over the country and an ever-growing team, diversity and inclusion have always been a core part of its culture. In keeping with it, Myntra built LGBTQIA+-inclusive policies in place, but something was still missing. There wasn’t a common platform for Myntraites to connect to discuss the community, its joys, and its struggles; many weren’t even aware of this budding community within the company. So, Myntra decided to showcase the LGBTQIA+ life, encourage everyone to talk freely, and understand the community better. But how?

Enter TrueBlue Advisory.

We work closely with companies, detect problem areas, and partner with all the stakeholders to arrive at viable solutions. With Myntra, we came up with a strong communication plan leveraging Pride Month, to help bridge the gap. Through Myntra’s inclusivity programme, COLOURS, we created awareness amongst Myntraites with a series of internal mailers, videos, and engagement activities.

Through Ally, we helped Myntra generate awareness about Pride Month, the terminologies associated with the community, and the ways to be an ally to the community.

With a fun interactive game, Ally – The Unicorn showed Myntraites the do’s and don’t’s of being a good ally.

Play away and learn something.

Watch Ally educate Myntraites about the community’s vocabulary.

How many of these did you already know?

We wrapped up the month with panel discussions that saw the who’s who of the LGBTQIA+ community discuss the community’s inclusion in the workplace. More than 250 Myntraites tuned in for the webinar, which garnered positive feedback. Additionally, this gave way to open discussions amongst Myntraites, which helped Myntra cement its image of a diverse and inclusive workplace, thereby solving the challenge it faced earlier.

With the employee engagement soaring after this fruitful event, Myntra went ahead and introduced Colours Collective – the Employee Resource Group. Mytraites signed up for the community to learn how to be better allies to their LGBTQIA+ peers and friends.