The problem

AJIO needed a new face for its talent brand. One that will appeal to millennials and Gen-Z alike. Moreover, AJIO has many stakeholders, and the internal communication process had to be streamlined. AJIO collaborated with TrueBlue Advisory to resolve these issues.

The background

Reliance holds a 70-year legacy, and with that comes a culture and ethos that might not necessarily resonate with the way young talent works. Its subsidiary company, AJIO, on the other hand, is a young startup with an entirely different work culture. Since AJIO is backed by Reliance, it was commonly believed that its work culture, too, was influenced by the conglomerate.



We mitigated the solution from the ground up.


1Identify patterns from top down and bottom up:

We held multiple conversations and discussions with the leadership to ascertain what gives the company an edge over the rest. We then conducted various FGDs to identify the problem areas.



The problem was deep, and hence it couldn’t be treated with a cookie-cutter approach. We developed a strategy around the four key pillars, which involved both a short- and a long-term plan.



Firstly, we wanted to evangelize the goodness of AJIO’s parent brand—Reliance. The brand’s legacy had to be redefined and shared in a way that the larger employee base could connect with. Secondly, the FGDs indicated problems that had to be addressed at AJIO’s management level. A plan was conceptualized to get all the stakeholders to work together towards creating a great workplace. This plan was later implemented across work and strategic areas. Then we formulated a PR advocacy plan, which was supported by a strong narrative and on-ground activations to align AJIO’s voice with employee expectations. Lastly, we empowered the “Talent Advocacy Teams” to be digital scouts while hiring. They helped in spreading the word about AJIO’s young and exciting work culture.


4Dissemination of strategy:

The next phase was to deploy the strategy on-ground, which needed amalgamation of data, art, technology and talent-driven execution. We built an attractive Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for external communication that clearly articulated why AJIO is the ideal workplace for millennials. The EVP was supported by digital, content and technology expertise. We came up with an integrated talent plan to fix internal issues. Once we got the approval from stakeholders, we executed the plan through internal on-ground activations. We covered these activations and converted them into shareable content. This helped in positioning AJIO’s PR and digital machinery in an efficient manner.



Branding is not an option but a necessity. And the first rule of branding is to maintain consistency. Once a brand is established, we need to sustain its momentum. We created a system where a social and communication calendar will be created every quarter. The calendar will cover all the business needs of that quarter. Apart from that, employee stories will be curated and amplified consistently so that the needle isn’t dropped.



Weaving talent narrative for every phase

Building offline, PR and online channels from scratch

Creating content in various formats suited for channels where the talent of choice spends time

Executing the newly developed strategy

Usage of technology and product deployment to scale the concept

Aligning stakeholder and impact metrics

Curating Talent Advocacy enablement tool kits


  • Increase in the retention of talent across functions
  • Increase in Engagement
  • Substantial increase in digital followership in the first three months
  • Increment in relevant applications
  • Time to fill reduced
  • Recruiters’ performance improved
  • Increase in assive & on-demand hiring
  • Improvement in ESAT