The Client

The HOTTEST fashion destination for fashionistas, Myntra is an online shopping platform that took Indian ecommerce by storm in just a few years since its inception.

Scope Of Project

  • D&I Charter
  • Corporate Branding

The Task at Hand

To take Myntra’s D&I Charter a notch higher and, dare we say, make it more COLOURFUL! In essence, we were tasked with creating awareness for the LGBTQIA+ community amongst the employees at Myntra.

The Hitch

With the onset of COVID and WFH settling worldwide, Myntra, like most, couldn’t hold activities in office premises. And…

  • Initiating conversations around queer inclusivity can sometimes be tricky, let alone doing it online!
  • Getting people to then actively engage in those conversations is a whole new ball game!

The Impact

Employees reached out, thanking the D&I team.

  • The COLOURS COLLECTIVE was introduced.
  • A landing page was created with games that got refreshed weekly.
  • Employees, who are usually FATIGUED with emails, actively engaged with D&I mailers over the 8 weeks.
  • Increased landing page traffic led to the creation of the ERG at myntra – where employees could reach out in the group, talk about their experiences and learn more about the communit

What We Did

To level up the D&I charter of any organisation, one must start with establishing a sense of empathy towards the community. And with Myntra, we did exactly that for the LGBTQIA+ community!


  • Devised weekly games for the landing page – gamifiying the experience while spreading awareness
  • Designed a series of e-mailers to ensure regular engagement
  • Created the mascot – Ally the unicorn! And lead her to be the voice of the campaign
  • Drove traffic to the microsite
  • Created games like the ‘tree of life’ and ‘fortune cookie’ to motivate employees to share their stories
  • Researched and curated LGBTQIA+ centric content, and simiplifed the language to make it absorbable for all employees
  • Launched a campaign to spread awareness about allyship and queer vocabulary in a fun, creative, and engaging way

But there’s more! Due to the success of this project, we created another microsite “Busting Biases”.
And this way, Myntra partnered with us to celebrate the PRIDE month with PRIDE.

Our Happy Clients

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