The Client

DealShare is a unicorn focused on serving the new 500 million Indian users from non-metro cities and rural spaces. As a leading social-commerce company, they offer great deals on everyday essentials that are locally sourced and delivered. By sharing their ‘deals’ with others, you get to save more – hence the name DealShare.

Funded by Tiger Global, Matrix Partners India, and Falcon Edge Capital, it is set to leave a mark in the new chapter of retail for Bharat

Scope Of Project

Share This

  • Employee Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Corporate Branding
  • Recruitment Marketing

The Task at Hand

The REAL challenge? To create everything from SCRATCH, as marketing the brand was a new charter for the company.


  • To make the talent aware of the company and the incredible
  • To carve out a unique identity in a crowded consumer
  • To communicate the differentiated business model without
  • To establish the genuine goodness of the brand without

What we did

What We Did

First things first, we asked all the employees, and we do mean ALL, about what makes DealShare, well, DealShare. We took the cumulative data and turned it into


We understood DealShare – the passion, the commitment, the glue between the 4 founders, the shared vision, and the deep purpose that brought everyone together.

Articulating this passion into a differentiator was hard – we created a creative communication route to differentiate DealShare from the competition.

We used this creative route to create a multitude of creatives for the internal and external world.

Social Media

With a solid social media marketing strategy, we created platform-specific content for platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Glassdoor.

Leveraging LinkedIn to share hiring posts, company tech updates, leadership speaks videos, employee benefits, and company differentiators; we amplified brand awareness.

With talent-centricity in mind, we created the digital identity “Life@DealShare” to promote the company culture and engage the talent pool.

As the targetted talent spent substantial time on social media, we utilised Facebook and Instagram to promote awareness, engagement, and hiring communication


After assimilating the pulse of the talent at DealShare, we devised a newer, more exciting talent branding narrative to attract top talent.

Candidate journey means more to talent than most organisations give it credit for. We revamped DealShare’s induction decks to enhance the candidate’s journey.

With deep data-driven insights on what the tech talent seeks, we devised, executed, and ran hiring campaigns for the brand


The talent wants to hear what it wants to hear – So we revamped the career site to give them exactly that. Talent-centricity is the way to go!

Creating collaterals for DealShare’s internal and external comms was a fun challenge. Why? Well, shaping impactful narratives FROM SCRATCH is as exciting as it is challenging.

Helping the leaders extend their influence to the right talent was crucial. And we did just that by scripting, shooting, and producing leadership and corporate videos.

Together, let us create robust stories that speak to your diverse stakeholders.