Founded in 2014, Swiggy is India’s leading on-demand delivery platform with a vision to elevate the quality of life for the urban consumer by offering unparalleled convenience. It connects consumers to thousands of restaurants
and stores in over 500 cities.
TrueBlue Advisory partnered with Swiggy to establish the brand as a great place to work and showcase its career offerings, promise, and culture. We strove to leverage this reputation to attract
the right talent.


Proxima Nova

your type
is your brand

eiaser to raed

and sometimes good
typography is all you need.


PALETTEOur colours make us who we are





Work Charter


EVP Creation

Creating a clear communication narrative through an in-depth interaction and study of all the important stakeholders.


EVP Dissemination

Strategizing the way forward to sediment the EVP narrative that is established and approved by the Swiggy council through digital and offline channels.


EVP Sustenance

  • Continuous content creation for the internal and external audience
  • Weekly employee engagement activities and external amplification

EVP amplification

  • Partnering to help Swiggy adopt the digital transformation
  • Disseminating knowledge through multiple channels like webinars and workshops
  • Building the Swiggy career website
  • Establishing Swiggy’s ways of working
  • Building identities for numerous internal products and initiatives

Social Reach

  • TrueBlue manages and nurtures Swiggy’s talent and employee-centric digital handles – “We Are Swiggy”. In addition to Linkedin, which is the most important medium for such communication, TrueBlue also took over the digital charter for the
    brand’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.
  • TrueBlue was given the Swiggy LinkedIn page with less than 1 lakh followers, and in less than 2 years, we have acquired almost 6 lakh followers.
  • We also created Swiggy’s employeecentric Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and started engaging with employees and interested candidates through these platforms.

Events and Activities

While keeping the external lens on, we also assumed the responsibility of becoming client partners to Swiggy’s internal communications team.
Soon, TrueBlue became a holistic partner for Swiggy, by progressing its talent branding charter.
We did that by establishing its EVP and disseminating that voice across online and offline channels for current and future talent prospects.