Putting Method to Madness

As an organised person by nature, I tend to find comfort in monotony. I can do the exact same desk job, in apple-pie order, for days together. However, as I switched careers to jobs beyond my comfort zone, I inevitably learned to love the adrenaline rush, the madness, the surprises, the fast pace and all things startup.

I joined TrueBlue Advisory as a Senior Copywriter and shifted to the role of a Programme Manager in just a few weeks’ time. Thanks to my previous job in an agency (as well), the transition was smooth; and now I split my focus between copywriting and account management.

Like most organised people, I’m an obsessive planner, too. There’s always a plan brewing in my head — be it a holiday itinerary, meeting a friend for dinner or just the week’s meals. Amidst all the madness at work, I find joy in making process improvements, driving effective communication, creating templates, making social media calendars for clients, reviewing copies and much more.

For those who’re wondering whether methodical people would fare well in a startup environment, YES, they do! Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely give it a try.

1. Everyday innovations

No one wants to feel overwhelmed with choices or bogged down with clutter. The smaller the team, the easier it is to get everyone on the same page. There is no room for miscommunication. You can feel free to suggest process improvements, make changes and get things moving without worrying about approvals.

2. Playing off your strengths

No matter how long your daily task list is, you can flag the most important tasks and work your way around it. You can build a flow that fits you and spend time learning and adding value. It is deeply satisfying and calming to dig through tons of stuff, de-clutter things and set priorities, leaving enough room for ad hoc work.

3. Trust and a voice

In a small team, you can be uniquely driven, creative and original. It is a smooth sail to build efficiency and hold everyone together as a unit. Thanks to the high-trust environment, your accountability and responsibility are shared with mutual respect and trust among team members.

4. Unbound growth opportunities

At a startup, you could be the only person doing your job. As a planner, it’s easier to identify your big-picture goals in a smaller company. You don’t have to wait for annual reviews to take up the things that you’re good at. Reorganisation processes enable you to expand your boundaries of convenience and measure progress clearly.

5. Your winning formula on turbocharge

Building a schedule is much easier when things are not rigid. You can make a better impact on the business with your ability to plan and systemise. The secret to staying on track is prioritising the most critical things that you need to get done for the day. In the process, you will learn to innovate and collaborate and adapt to fast-changing situations.

FUN FACT: Soon after I joined TrueBlue, I tried my luck at getting the whole team to update projects and tasks on Trello. Although everyone responded positively to the idea of discovering something new, it didn’t quite work out. Subsequently, I switched my daily tasks to my offline Trello board notebook, which I cannot live without.

Every project may not take off and every idea may not work out, but the roads are wide and the job satisfaction in a startup is unmatchable! At TrueBlue, I get the opportunity to interact with C-level executives of client companies, which I couldn’t have dreamt of in a corporate structure this early in my career. Having grown up with parents who are entrepreneurs, the pleasure of watching an organisation grow is something I would never trade for a comfortable corporate job. It’s the constant vibe of hustle that brings in the satisfaction for me.

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