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We provide tailored solutions that showcase your brand’s core values and the real people who work for you.

As a creative branding agency, we weave real stories of real people who work for your organisation to create a voice for your employer brand, allowing you to retain your best talent and hire equally good ones.

  • Analysing talent needs and requirements
  • Validating employer promises for global and local players
  • Formulating digital employer branding strategies
  • Defining the Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Curating culture tenets
  • Establishing brand personality and tonality
  • Creating content based on the new EVP
  • Handling Online Response Management (ORM) for social media accounts
  • Positioning the Employer brand
  • Developing brand identity, design language, websites and other collaterals



With killer social recruiting and digital recruitment marketing ideas, we focus on attracting, engaging and delighting candidates who are interested in working for you.

  • Leveraging expertise in human resource
  • Facilitating talent acquisition
  • Building career websites
  • Devising talent attraction strategies to solve for employee attrition, employee satisfaction, employee engagement and improve retention rate
  • Creating recruitment campaigns
  • Shooting relevant videos



We drive employee advocacy by conducting employee-centric events to celebrate your team and champion a cause.

  • Building end-to-end event strategies for brands
  • Handling tech events
  • Co-creating meaningful experiences at international conferences
  • Equipping brands to participate in industry expos
  • Organizing employee summits



Through innovative employee engagement strategies, we empower your brand advocates to build trust with potential candidates and aid in talent attraction.

  • Increasing employee retention rates
  • Ensuring employee satisfaction
  • Creating employee brand advocacy programmes
  • Coordinating employee engagement initiatives


Whether you're looking for a creative employer branding agency or you're a creative professional looking for opportunities. Get in touch.

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