From Creative to Strategy.

From Start-ups to fortune 500s; Our work has them all.

We have worked with a variety of industries that value us for our highly imaginative yet practical talent advisory and execution services. When we ask them what they value most we always get the same answers. They love the memes we share with each other and results we have achieved together.

Expedia Group Logo

We used the global EVP and adapted it for APAC. This made local technology talent more attracted to and stay with Expedia.

AJIO Company Logo

A challenging but interesting project, AJIO presented us with a problem to rewire people's perception of their work culture to one which is bold, young, free-spirited and independent of its parent company.

Intel company Logo

We helped Intel localise and communicate relatable messages for the Asia market while retaining the essence of the global EVP.

Swiggy Company Logo

We dreamed, cooked and delivered the "We are Swiggy" message on all social channels. Ingredients: A lot of tasty content, some freshly brewed UGC & a splash of ORM.

Games 24X7 Company Logo

We helped one of India's largest gaming company enter the playing field and took its TA game to the next level: by creating a unique positioning for the company as not only a gaming company but also a technology player and communicating this EVP on all social channels.

Myntra Company Logo

We brought the cool to Myntra's culture and helped showcase its young and vibrant way of life as a top selling point to its future candidates.

Nearbuy Company Logo

We conducted FGDs, created EVP to establish it as a tech player in the ecommerce space and communicated it to both external and internal audiences.

Prosus Company Logo

We created a unique positioning for Prosus as a leading investor in the consumer internet space and created a belief system that highlights the 360° spectrum of how Prosus works.