The problem

The challenge was to localise and communicate key messages depending on the talent demographics and hiring needs of different countries in Asia while retaining the essence of the global Employer Value Proposition (EVP).
In a nutshell, we had to localise the global EVP for the Asian market.

The background

Intel is known for its legacy in the compute continuum. The organisation has managed to build a strong global narrative around its great work culture and promising career opportunities. However, the Asian market demanded a unique approach to sediment these claims. And with that came the difficulty of defining what’s in it for the talent.



We came up with a solution that was implemented in four phases.


1 Outside In:

We identified what makes the clock tick in Asian markets—be it talent trends, cultural nuances, career aspirations, or channels—to make the local EVP more relatable to the target audience.


2 Inside Out:

Crafting the glocal EVP was the next step. We created a mechanism that helps in demystifying the global EVP of the company and identifying patterns that are consistent all over the world. We then identified local behavioural patterns of each country in Asia to weave a local narrative. For example, to attract the talent segment in India, we highlighted the company’s cutting-edge software work. We focused on how the company’s new and innovative technologies can help in promoting digital literacy in the country. We weaved a different narrative for Malaysia. There, we focused on the company’s manufacturing capacity and its diverse and inclusive work culture.


3 Content and Channel Creation::

Once the narrative was defined and ratified for each of these countries, we built content that supported each narrative. This was done through a creative campaign that had both a global and regional touch. The campaign was showcased on various popular digital channels. The platforms for different countries were selected based on talent popularity insights. For example, we leveraged tech communities like Github and Techgig for the Indian market. For the Chinese market,we adopted channels like WeChat and RenRen.


4 Deployment:

Our plan was deployed through online and offline interventions. We then linked it with talent acquisition imperatives. Our agenda was to attract top talent to the brand and eventually drive a “pull” vs. “push” for relevant job applications.



Country-specific EVP playbooks (for Asia markets)

Developing a unique strategy for Asia’s talent markets

Creating authentic and relatable content for each market


  • Gained relevant followership
  • Increase in passive local hiring and applications
  • Drastic reduction in infant attrition rates