The problem

Despite being an employee-friendly company, Games24x7 has been unsung in the market of tech talent. The brand was unknown to the top talent; their flagship game—RummyCircle—was their only face to the world. As the company forays into new-gen casual games, expanding their teams, their main challenge was to find the right talent for demanding and interesting roles.

The background

Games24x7, founded in the year 2006, is India’s most successful gaming business and a great employer to work for. They offer top-class employee benefits, have a low attrition rate, lots of content employees and a strong and ever-growing team of 400+ employees. Driven by their core values, the company has been tremendously successful in their skill-based online gaming business over the years. Games24x7 also offers higher pay packages than other Indian startups, peer gaming companies and many tech and product companies.


1 Solution:

By digging deep into the problem at hand, we repositioned the brand as a data-driven tech giant in gaming. We built a new identity for the brand with a new logo, tone of voice and digital marketing strategies.

 Games 24X7
 Games 24X7

2 Strategy:

We created long- and short-term plans for the company’s social media. We also made process improvements to ensure that the right content got to the right audience in the right way, improving the demographics in due course.

Games 24X7

3 Dissemination of strategy:

Starting with a logo redesign to match the brand’s personality and reviving and creating social media handles, we create relevant pieces of content that help reposition the brand as an industry leader and a sought-after employer. All the good things that
went unnoticed have been taken into account on social media and through internal communication channels such as fortnightly newsletters. Social media contests, thought leadership blog articles and interesting employee engagement activities
have got much appreciation and eyes of the right talent available in the market.



Reiterating the brand as a tech company with impactful communication from the brand to the tech and gaming world

Enhancing employee engagement and the sense of pride through employee stories and career journey highlights

Creating brand awareness among the top tech talent on LinkedIn

Showcasing the good life at Games24x7 on Instagram and Facebook

Creating and establishing thought leadership in the fields of tech and gaming through LinkedIn, Quora and other platforms


  • The Instagram life page we created in December 2019 now has 2,500+ followers and the LinkedIn followership and engagement have been growing steadily month-on-month
  • Employee advocacy programmes now get great traction on social media and employee engagement has had rapid spike over the months
  • The first-ever edition of Tech-à-tête, a thought leadership webinar series conducted by Games24x7 with industry experts, was a big hit with a massive turnout of 500+ tech and gaming enthusiasts as participants