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Your company is only as extraordinary as your people.

TrueBlue began with a simple acknowledgement of the fact that just how things work best when they fit, people too work best when they fit. We are not just a run-of-the-mill digital branding agency or a design agency but a thoughtful, mature and experienced employer branding agency that connects the right companies with the right talent.

We find inspiration while working with young and curious people.

Meet the masterminds

The team behind the dream

Richa Telang, Employee picture

Richa Telang

Fitness Enthusiast. Chief Executive Officer. Pseudo Therapist richa@trueblueadvisory.com

Neha, Employee picture

Neha Jain

Salad Connoisseur. Chief Business Officer. Sass Meister neha@trueblueadvisory.com

Employee image, Winny

Winny Singh

Grammar Nazi. Strategy Consultant. Adventure Aficionado winny@trueblueadvisory.com

Employee image

Marin George

Wedding Photographer. Account Director. Saree Lover marin@trueblueadvisory.com

Deepa, Employee picture

Deepa P A

Complex Simplist Account Manager. Quaintrelle deepa@trueblueadvisory.com

Employee image, Ayesha

Ayesha Rafiq

Hobby Juggler. Account Executive. Ad-lib Maven ayesha@trueblueadvisory.com

Pooja Das, Employee picture

Pooja Das

Canine. Cinema. Content. Copywriter. Bollywood Junkie pooja@trueblueadvisory.com

Shikha Assudani, Employee picture

Shikha Assudani

Fashion Nerd. Content Writer. Coffee Crackerjack shikha@trueblueadvisory.com

Martin Jacob, Employee picture

Martin Jacob

Minimalist. Graphic designer. HotWheels Collector martin@trueblueadvisory.com

Employee image, Anuraj

Anuraj Anirudh

Sports Fanatic. Graphic Designer. Dosa Lobbyist anuraj@trueblueadvisory.com

Akshatha, Employee picture

Akshatha M V

Hogger-Jogger Digital Lead. Hodophile akshatha@trueblueadvisory.com

Employee image, Abhiram

Abhiram Sainath

Online Activist. Digital Strategist. Weekend Masterchef abhiram@trueblueadvisory.com

Flex your thinking. Find your purpose. Help build robust employer brands.