6 Instagram growth hacks that worked wonders for us!

To start with below are the client details. 

Client Industry: Gaming 

Target Audience: Employees working in the Internet Industry.

Objective: It’s an employer branding social handle that gives a sneak peek into the work culture at the company.  

Below are the Instagram growth hacks that we implemented for our client and received ‘1000‘followers in just 20 Days.

  1. Basics are always important: Optimise your Instagram Bio. Quickly explain to your visitors who you are and what you do. Showcase your brand personality and always include keywords in your bio. 
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Have a look here, as the client is into gaming industry we had used ‘Games’ & ‘Online Games’ in the bio.

Add a keyword in the ‘Company Name’ as well. For example, if your brand is a ‘Digital Marketing Agency’ just add ‘Brand Name – Digital Marketing firm’. This acts as an SEO when someone searches in the search box as a search term ‘Digital Marketing’, high chances of your company handle will pop-up.

2. Adding URL: 

This is the only area where you can place a clickable link on Instagram. Normally brands keep changing multiple links of their campaigns, landing pages, etc. To overcome this we started using a tool called ‘Linktree’ which will provide you with one unique link where you can add multiple sublinks under it. Just like the client’s website, contest T&C, or any other links can be added here. It’s more structured and it reduces the effort of changing links all the time. 

Try this tool: Tool link – https://linktr.ee/

Read my post on this tool here: https://bit.ly/3dm7Spj

3. Hashtag Strategy:

We, social marketers, have a habit of decoding hashtags just before we post a content piece on Insta. We do some 5 Mins research identify some hashtags which have a large volume and add it to our content. Even we followed in the starting but later realised this isn’t working so we had followed 2 hashtag strategies. 

Never always use high volume hashtags: If you always use high volume hashtags there are many brands/personal profiles using those as well. The volume will be higher and in that flow, your content will get lost. We did a bit of research around the hashtags which we can normally use and which fits the brand. So we finalised 40 hashtags and these are a mix of high, medium, and low volume hashtags.

Have a look here, out of 1754 impressions through hashtags we had received 494 impressions which is a great number. 

We use a tool Flickr: 

It’s a crazy All-in-one tool for Instagram hashtag research. It offers great features, based on the generic keyword search it will suggest you list of hashtags. The Flick will suggest you the hashtags that will specifically work best with your current profile engagement and follower count. 

On Instagram, we can use up to 30 hashtags, but we always restrict it to 24 hashtags per post. Use a mix of high, medium, and low competitive hashtags. 

I had already written a blog on how the tool Flick works, here is the link of it: https://bit.ly/3fXyQ8z

4. Partnered with Micro-Influencers & Employee Advocates: 

Employee Advocates – We had identified the list of people who follow clients’ Insta page and have decent followers more than 3-5K. These people are the employees of the company already, so we had asked them to be the social advocates for the handle. So they interact and share our content on their stories and post it on their handles. 

 Micro-influencers, have more trust within their networks. The majority of people don’t trust major(Macro) influencers, but audiences of micro-influencers see them as trusted sources of information. So we had identified a few micro-influencers and executed a campaign with them. 

5. Contests: 

We always plan to execute 2 contests in a month and these are working for us in big time. The contest should be related to the brand and always make use of topical days to run these contests. This will create brand awareness and many profile visits will occur. 

Pro tip: Always plan a contest that should ask users to post it as a story. Utilizing Instagram Stories is a game-changer, it’s a great way to promote your content and also it has most reach.

6. Sponsored content- Follower campaign & an important hack: 

This will spike your followers if you use it effectively. We all knew that there are no follower ads on Instagram, like how we have for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But yet there is a way to do it. This is one of the best hacks which worked for us effectively. 

Step 1: Always run your Instagram ads through Facebook Ads manager

Step 2: Select ‘Website visits’ as your objective 

Step 3: Targeting the right audience is the key aspect, this will decide your end campaign result. We ran a ‘Generic Hiring’ campaign across roles, targeted the users based on the Job titles, Education – Fields of study, Interests – Job Titles, Job hunting, etc. This worked out pretty well. 

Step 4:  Select Manual placements, opt for only Instagram stories and feed. ‘Link clicks’ will be optimisation for ad delivery. Facebook will show your ad to someone who tends to click on it. 

Step 5: As it is a ‘website visit’ ad format, you need to insert a link. Now insert ‘Your Instagram handle homepage link’.

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Picture 5

Step 6: CTA will be ‘Learn more’ when someone taps on the link your Instagram handle home page link will pop-up. 

But again here there is a challenge, this pop-up will occur in a browser, so again there are more chances for the user to bounce back without taking the desired action. So to overcome this what we had done? 

 Here creative plays a key role. We added animated CTA to the post and the arrow mark is pointing towards the ‘Insta handle’ which says ‘Follow us’.

These are 6 Instagram growth hacks that helped us in grabbing new followers and higher engagements for our client. Give a try and it will work for you as well. 

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